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Wig Mold ONLY- Measurements

Wig Mold ONLY- Measurements !!! A short video just to show you how to properly make a mold of the head. There's no guess work here. Take the measuerments with you anywhere you go. You charge a fee of $30-60 to make a mold so your cliemnt knows that you have accurate measurements in their absence. Tomeka James created this molding process...Learn from the creator herself.
US$ 14.99
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Wig Collection

In this collection you will get 4 videos to successfully create wigs. Sewn wig (#2), Bonded Wig- Client not present (#1), Color Separation (#33), Custom Bonded Wig (Long Style Bob #26). Get a variety in this collection. Want to be more advanced see the other collection that are available.
US$ 60.00

Custom Wig Meets the Sewing Machine

See the magic of utilizing your sewing machine to create custom units. These wigs look store bought upon completion. Create them with ease after watching this video. See sewing machine basics. Make them exactly to fit the customer...No guessing.
US$ 29.99
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Custom Bonded Wig- Natural

Natural hair styles can be hard to achieve if someone doesn't have the right texture or the right amount of hair. With Custom Bonded Wig Making - the Natural way....You can achieve a short cut style with natural textured hair. This wig is created on a mold. A special method of attaching the hair to the cap is shown. This method has been created by Tomeka James herself. She is always creating something out of desperation for New and Improved looks! You won't see this anywhere else. Get it while it's hot.
US$ 29.99
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Open Top Wig w. Special Part

Make a wig that has an opening for the natural hair to be left out. The front of this wig has a SPECIAL Part. You haven't seen this because Tomeka James just created it 2014. Hint: There's a special tool used to pull hair through! That's all we can say. It's a must see!
US$ 19.99
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Custom Bonded Wig (long) with Closure added

Disc 26- Custom Bonded Wig (long) with Closure added - See a BOB hairstyle. Learn how to make a wig using 2 types of hair plus a Closure unit is applied. There's no need to close your wig in a circular fashion. Bond the closure on. Learn how to cut a Bob the way Tomeka James does it. Use several cutting tools. This wig is made on the client. Bonus: See how to take measurements if you wish to create this wig without the client being present. There are more wig dvds...get them all!
US$ 29.99
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Invisible Part Custom Bonded Wig

Disc 28-Invisible Part Custom Bonded Wig -Create a custom Bonded Wig with an opening on the front hairline. You can have a real separation in the front opposed to laying your tracks in a circle.
US$ 29.99
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Custom Bonded Wig with Color Separation

Disc 33 See Color on both sides of the wig that are separated. This is a Live video. We love it. See the audience interaction! Get to see how to start the setup for a sewn wig also.
US$ 9.99
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Lace Wig Chopped- 1 Wig cut up for several clients

Lace Wig Chopped- 1 Wig cut up for several clients. This one is exciting because you save money by purchasing 1 wig then breaking it down. You use a different piece for each client. You learn how to sew on a closure.. but to the front hair line. Have you seen the Invisible thread? If you don't know gotta get this video!!
US$ 19.99
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Wig Making with the Invisble Part

Learn to create a long wig with your client present. Learn to create an invisible part on a wig. The front of your new wig has an opening. It looks natural. This is -Wig's made EASY!!!! Note** our dvd#1 shows a wig made on a manikin- this one is done on the client- a chin strap is needed too.
US$ 29.99
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Lace Wig Application with Adhesive

This video was shot in one of our fashion capitals - Paris. See how a full Lace Wig is applied using the best techniques around. If someone has a thin hair line or just wants to change the way they look...add a lace wig for that fashion forward look.
US$ 29.99
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