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DBU- Detachable Bonded Unit

DBU- Detachable Bonded Unit

This unit is created while the client is present. There's a special way to make sure the unit doesn't become attached while it's being created. You see how to measure just in case you want to make a unit later. See the side unit track placement. That's a bonus.
Tools Needed:

Combs (Cutting, Rat tail)
Large Crochet Latch Hook 
Weaving Net

Double sided Tape
Plastic Cap

Chin Strap
Thread (Black/ Invisible)
Clips (Duck bill/ Butterfly)
Weaving Net
Blow Dryer
Ceramic Irons
Curling Irons

Meka Weaving Scissors 

Razor set
Wefted hair (2 bundles)

Stylist: Tomeka James
US$ 29.99
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Versatile Short Quick Weave

The Versatile Short Quick Weave allows the client to style this short any way they want.
You will need:
28 pc hair, Wrap Strips, Liquid Bond Protector, Double sided tape, Glue, Razor, Meka Small Weaving Scissors, Flat iron, Combs, and styling products.
Stylist: Nkiyah Taylor

US$ 29.99

Wig Mold ONLY- Measurements

Wig Mold ONLY- Measurements !!! A short video just to show you how to properly make a mold of the head. There's no guess work here. Take the measuerments with you anywhere you go. You charge a fee of $30-60 to make a mold so your cliemnt knows that you have accurate measurements in their absence. Tomeka James created this molding process...Learn from the creator herself.
US$ 14.99
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Lace Frontal

See full application of a Lace Frontal with no glue. See customizing, application, weave sewn in, and more. See how to make your frontal last longer than 2 weeks. This video runs for 1 hour and 45 minutes. See all the tips/ tricks needed for success.
US$ 29.99
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3-Month Viewing

3-Month Viewing. This is available for your learning pleasure. You are able to view any product in the store for the period of 3 months. The items stay in your flux player until 3 months are up. If you wish to keep the items you want to view inevitably you will need to make an individual purchase for those items.
US$ 199.00


The 360 Lace Frontal is awesome. It allows any person that is either thinning or just wants a natural look, to be able to pull the hair up in a ponytail and have a full hair line. You will see 2 methods of application. GLUELESS and ADHESIVE Applications are both  necessary to know how to perform. The glueless is more temporary while the ahdesive is long lasting and necessary for the Hair Loss community. See how to adjust the size of the unit when it doesn't perfectly fit the client. See a fast/secure method of sewing in your bundles in the center. Make money and satisfy more clients because you now have Official knowledge about this method.
US$ 29.99
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Sewn weave- client has No Hair Line

This client has no hair in the front but only wants a sewn weave! What should you do? Watch if you want to learn how to support this client. Special unseen footage inside! See the cut / style too.
US$ 29.99
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Latch hooking in an Hour or Less- 29

In this video all the hair is braided. In some cases you can't match the clients texture with the weave. Braid the hair then use a small tool to apply hairs onto a surface. You will make it look like the hairs are growing from the scalp. This is an extremely fast weave application technique.You will need a MEKA pulling tool to perform this technique. is the place to get the tool. This is great for curly, wavy, or straight hair.
US$ 29.99
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Full Sewn Weave DVD

Sew in a full weave. All the hair is braided. Learn to close the top of your weave properly. Want to sew the hair in faster? Proper spacing is shown. There are many tips. For example, we show how the net is applied so you can close anywhere you wish to close. A BEST SELLER!!!
US$ 29.99
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Back to the Basics of Styling - 9

Back to the Basics of Styling is for the novice or the advanced professional. We show things like scalp massage, curling short hair, blow drying hair with the paddle and round brushes. Have you ever used ceramic rollers? They are the alternative to sitting under the dryer. Can you roll hair in 10 minutes or less? If not, or if so....get this video it's very Inspiring!!!
US$ 14.99
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