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No Braid Weaves

Skin Weft

Skin Weft is a polyurethane based weft that is extremely flat. It can be applied with tape or adhesive. We also show how to re-apply it and Enforce it. Secrets are exposed!
US$ 24.99
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Malaysian Weave- no braids

This No braids- no glue technique amazes everyone. It's multicultural so you can rest assured that you can service anyone with this technique. There are 3 Ways shown on this dvd. Take your pick and get started. If you select our favorite method which is using the links to assist with attachment, you will need to go to to order the Meka tool kit.
US$ 29.99
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Fusion & Microlinking hair extensions- no braids

Fusion/ Microlinking hair extensions- no braids. We Love this multicultural technique! Also referred to as Strand by Strand. See 2 methods of No Braid extensions on the same dvd. If the client's hair is strong, she can get fusion. If not, move on to Microlinking which is considered cold fusion. See both methods and the removal process too. Money makers for sure.
US$ 19.99
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