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Marketing your extensions techniques

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Marketing your extensions techniques
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Run Time: 97 minutes
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This is a webinar that you missed but can it can still be viewed. Marketing your extensions techniques ranks higher than actually performing the technique. If no one knows that you do it, you'r e still at a loss. If you want new and ideal clients, you must ask for what you want. We share proven ways to dramatically take your extension sales to the roof. Exposure is important. Do your existing clients know that you perform extension services? Learn how to get them excited and ready to go! Incentive programs, special systems……and more. Motivate your existing clients so they will be your new sales team. Everyone loves, wants, or needs hair. Target your audience in order to get new fans in your seat. Multiply yourself with trained assistants. The strategies are here in this class. Hear from the hair weave guru Tomeka James whom has been in the game for over 20 years. She performs over 15 extension techniques. She can help!

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