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Detachable Sewn Weave- DSW

DSW- on Sewing Machine NEW!

See how to create a Detachable Sewn Weave Unit on a sewing machine. This saves you time and effort. No more sewing by hand. See the U-Part unit being created. You also see how to Close the top of your unit. No more hand sewn closures. Take hours off your hand sewn process.

US$ 29.99
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DSW- Crochet Unit

Natural hair weaves are on the rise. See how to create a unit before the client comes in. Crochet has become so popular. THIS IS NOT DONE ON A BRAID! A MUST SEE ! Learn the multiple ways to attach the hair. This is great for transitioning out of the relaxer and great for thinning areas. The world of weaving is constantly changing. Are you prepared?
US$ 19.99
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DSW Top Unit for Bald Client-Disc 27

DSW-Top Unit for Bald client #27 shows how to make a unit for a client who is Bald in front. Learn to measure, create and apply this unit with Adhesive/ and links. Cut/style are shown also. Don't wait for a unit to be shipped. Make your own. Keep all the money in house.
US$ 29.99
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Detachable Full Sewn Weave

Detachable Full Sewn Weave dvd shows how to take your sewn weave client into a quick serviced client. You will measure her and create that same weave but without her being present. When she returns you have made a unit that only fits her. This is NOT a wig. It must be attached by sewing it down. It can be removed monthly or bi-monthly. Double the price of your full sewn weave by performing this technique. Your fav stylist Tomeka James created this patented technique.
US$ 29.99
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