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This is our 6th session to get you prepared for being a high profile stylist. Your advancement is very important. Let's get it rolling! .... Get the inside info. HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE. SEE the way it's done! This was a webinar now a download.
US$ 29.99
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Social Media Tracker

Social Media Tracker- Write how many times you posted, uploaded or scoped in each box under the day. This will help you to track what's working. Use this Tracker for 1 week at a time. Add the sites that you use. Use this for at least 1 month to determine which sites works best for you. This tracker helps you to remember to post daily. Use the notes section to state the time of day that you posted. Track everything. It all counts. YOU WANT$$$$ --YOU HAVE TO KNOW WHERE YOU STAND TO GET TO WHERE YOU WANT TO BE!
US$ 9.99
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How to Use a Referral System- to get more Clients

How to Use a Referral System- to get more Clients. See Tomeka train her staff on explaining the referral system to a client. Hear the $$$$ amounts that can be achieved through a referral system. It's easy and really works! You can also get the Salon Forms Book to assist with this system. Just look for it in this store. ( A Periscope upload- it's worth it!)
US$ 9.99
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How to Create Email blasts-Make an I-movie- Use a Post Scheduler

There's so much to learn in this video. See how to Create your own email blasts so you can send one message to thousands of people at one time. Next learn how to make a movie to promote your email blast's contents to another audience. See how to load your movie to YouTube. Then learn how to post to several media sites at once. As a bonus you learn how to schedule the post so you can free up time in your life to do other things. A MUST SEE!
US$ 29.99
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Salon Performance Survey

This form allows you to get a real opinion on the services you offer in your salon. The clients fill this out to state how they feel about their service. It's best to have several clients fill these out for at least a week. You can read them at once so you will not know who filled out each form. It's anonymous. Highlight the areas that need improvement with one color. Highlight the areas of excellence with a different color. An employer/employee conversation should occur to figure out how to excel in all areas.
US$ 5.00

Traveling Weave Artist Checklist

Are you a traveling Weave Artist that wants to pack with ease. You travel often and can't afford to forget much needed items. If you haven't started to travel outside your salon yet- This precious tool is for you! It's what Tomeka uses as she packs everytime. She no longer packs her own bag. She hands the list to an assistant. They check off the items as they are added to the bag.
US$ 29.99
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Salon Forms E-Book

This book can be downloaded.We present to you a book that helps a salon business owner or stylist with many aspects of running his/her salon operation. It protects your salon with various salon forms used in the daily operation of your business. For example, Client release forms for chemical services. It also aids in the interviewing process of potential employees because it helps to outline employee duties so you can state upfront what you need. You have forms that show you how keep $$$ flowing in the salon as well as forms to show you how to keep track of your $$$. We show you how to charge for clients that do not show up for appointments and much more.... -Client Services Tracking forms - No Show Fee forms -Profit/ Loss forms -Client Consultation forms -Instructions for new employees -Salon Evaluation forms -And much more ***This book is not personalized*** *** This book can be tailored with your Business Name on each page for $125*** Call to special order 973-378-8999
US$ 24.99
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Time Won't Wait- 9 Strategies for Instant Salon Success

Time Won't Wait- 9 Strategies for Instant Salon Success will let you hear how to keep your business running smooth. This is great for the salon owner or the booth renter that has a strong desire to do better. We speak about Confirmation Calls, Appointment systems, Retail sales strategies, Your physical and mental state, How to Keep clients from being No shows, and so much more.
US$ 19.99
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The Economy CD- How to keep your salon business Alive

The Economy CD- How to keep your salon business Alive in these tough times. Over 18 methods of striving to keep your business afloat when people are spending money. The simple things count, yet you need to make some major moves as well. Every now and then you need to make personal contact with customers.You need to know when to produce a special rate for customers. You can't run specials all the time. Lots of information disclosed here.
US$ 29.99
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