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You Got More in You...Where is it?- Beauty Professionals moving to another level

The purpose of this short book is to get you Beauty Professionals thinking about what you possibly want to do in your near future. It’s time to make moves. It’s always time to make moves. It begins with you letting it out on paper. If you haven’t stopped to focus on you, now is the time to do so. Rest assured that this won’t take long. If you’re really honest as you flip through the next few pages, it Will be Powerful and Life Changing! The answers to your future lie within you! Let’s go!
US$ 19.99
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Webinar- Secrets of Being an Impressive Beauty Educator (HD)

Webinar- Secrets of Being an Impressive Beauty Educator
It's the 3 hour course that gets you prepared or back on track. Block out some time to really capture all the pertinent information that will change how you educate/exhibit.

From US$ 99.00

1 Month VIEWING Access

1 Month VIEWING Access. This is available for your learning pleasure. You are able to view any product in the store for the period of 1 month. The items stay in your flux player until 1 month is up. If you wish to keep the items you want to view inevitably you will need to make an individual purchase for those items.
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It’s time for all independent educators to get on the right track. Some educators start off working with a large company. In this case, they get some level of training on Platform Artistry. The educator may get a chance to see the back end while working with the company. But, when this is not the case, the upcoming educator just wings it. It takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of educating at Trade Shows/hosting classes. This book provides a tremendous amount of assistance with understanding the process of educating. After you know about educating, you must know how to get the ball rolling. You need to know how to submit to be a part of the show. You must know how to set-up/breakdown. You must know how to sell. Of course, you will be traveling so you’ll need some travel tips. There’s this thing called Trade Show Logistics that you need to know about. Do you know how to plan for your course? Do you understand how to have an amazing presentation so you will be remembered?  DO you know how to interact with your audience no matter what they do? Marketing yourself is extremely imperative. How’s your public speaking skills? Do you know what type of things that can go wrong? Are you a Great Educator yet?

  Tomeka James has taken her experiences plus the experiences of many others to bring you this book full of Educator tactics.
US$ 39.99
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Marketing your extensions techniques

This is a webinar that you missed but can it can still be viewed. Marketing your extensions techniques ranks higher than actually performing the technique. If no one knows that you do it, you'r e still at a loss. If you want new and ideal clients, you must ask for what you want. We share proven ways to dramatically take your extension sales to the roof. Exposure is important. Do your existing clients know that you perform extension services? Learn how to get them excited and ready to go! Incentive programs, special systems……and more. Motivate your existing clients so they will be your new sales team. Everyone loves, wants, or needs hair. Target your audience in order to get new fans in your seat. Multiply yourself with trained assistants. The strategies are here in this class. Hear from the hair weave guru Tomeka James whom has been in the game for over 20 years. She performs over 15 extension techniques. She can help!
US$ 39.99
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Teach Me How To Scope

Tomeka tells exactly how to get started on Periscope. It's one of the latest and fastest growing social media platforms. It's livestreaming. You can share who you are and what you do with the world. But you need to know the rules and how you get set up and rolling. Tomeka shares all of this info. with you. Watch and learn.
US$ 9.99

Consultations Increase Your Revenue-Webinar 4

Consultations Increase Your Revenue. Learn how to conduct a Consultation so you can show them what you are capable of doing. Don't just ask them what they want then conform to the technique or style they requested. Learn how to make more money by conducting a proper session. This was Webinar #4
US$ 14.99
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Get Clients on Your V.I.P. List- Get Paid

See how to get paid to have clients on your VIP list. Everyone wants to be VIP. Set up this simple system so everyone wins. This Webinar turned download is available for your viewing pleasure. Make more money with these tactics.
US$ 29.99

Personal Image/ Getting the Clients You Desire - Pure Beauty Webinar 2

See a less than 10 minute face of makeup done to prove that it doesn't take long to tighten up your image daily. Then you will experience questions that make you think about Who that ideal client is. Don't go after just anyone. Go after the clients that work for you. This webinar shows you how to identify who your ideal client is and exactly how to find and attract them. get your pen and paper out to follow along. Your Mindset will change after this session. This was webinar #2 in the Pure Beauty Advancement webinar series.
US$ 39.99

How I get my clients to know about my services/ Phone Blasts-Webinar 7

See how to get your clients to know about the various services you offer. You can do new techniques but if not promoted well, you are the only one that knows about it. Learn many ways to promote your techniques. Do you know how the large companies make that automated call to you? Well, you get the inside info here. You can do it too after you watch this webinar! Start communicating like a corporate company!
US$ 29.99
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This is our 6th session to get you prepared for being a high profile stylist. Your advancement is very important. Let's get it rolling! .... Get the inside info. HOW TO BUILD YOUR OWN WEBSITE. SEE the way it's done! This was a webinar now a download.
US$ 29.99
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