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You Got More in You...Where is it?- Beauty Professionals moving to another level

The purpose of this short book is to get you Beauty Professionals thinking about what you possibly want to do in your near future. It’s time to make moves. It’s always time to make moves. It begins with you letting it out on paper. If you haven’t stopped to focus on you, now is the time to do so. Rest assured that this won’t take long. If you’re really honest as you flip through the next few pages, it Will be Powerful and Life Changing! The answers to your future lie within you! Let’s go!
US$ 19.99
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It’s time for all independent educators to get on the right track. Some educators start off working with a large company. In this case, they get some level of training on Platform Artistry. The educator may get a chance to see the back end while working with the company. But, when this is not the case, the upcoming educator just wings it. It takes a long time to learn the ins and outs of educating at Trade Shows/hosting classes. This book provides a tremendous amount of assistance with understanding the process of educating. After you know about educating, you must know how to get the ball rolling. You need to know how to submit to be a part of the show. You must know how to set-up/breakdown. You must know how to sell. Of course, you will be traveling so you’ll need some travel tips. There’s this thing called Trade Show Logistics that you need to know about. Do you know how to plan for your course? Do you understand how to have an amazing presentation so you will be remembered?  DO you know how to interact with your audience no matter what they do? Marketing yourself is extremely imperative. How’s your public speaking skills? Do you know what type of things that can go wrong? Are you a Great Educator yet?

  Tomeka James has taken her experiences plus the experiences of many others to bring you this book full of Educator tactics.
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Salon Performance Survey

This form allows you to get a real opinion on the services you offer in your salon. The clients fill this out to state how they feel about their service. It's best to have several clients fill these out for at least a week. You can read them at once so you will not know who filled out each form. It's anonymous. Highlight the areas that need improvement with one color. Highlight the areas of excellence with a different color. An employer/employee conversation should occur to figure out how to excel in all areas.
US$ 5.00

Track Placement Guide

This is a place to go when you are not sure of how to lay the tracks when a client requests a style you are unfamiliar with. There are many placements to choose from. Read it and use it as often as you need it. We are here to help you gain success with all your weaving needs!
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Braid Patterns for Weaves Book

Over 20 Braid Patterns to view. Stop trying to figure it out on your own. We have the answers. See photos and read descriptions about each pattern. It's a step by step must have. This book is for the novice and the seasoned stylist.
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