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Braid Patterns and more RENTAL

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Braid Patterns and more RENTAL

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Braid Patterns and more RENTAL... See the Braid Patterns for Weaves Book and The video of how to actually do the patterns. You also see the Teach Me How to Braid video feautring basic braids, corn rolls and connecting braids. See all 3 before the 48 hours runs out.

This bundle contains the following products:

Braid Patterns for Weaves BookBraid Patterns for Weaves Book single price: US$ 19.99
Braiding Patterns for Weaves-"THE DVD"Braiding Patterns for Weaves-"THE DVD" single price: US$ 29.99
Teach Me How to Braid-30Teach Me How to Braid-30 single price: US$ 14.99

Total price: US$ 64.97. You save 84.62%.

Available Licenses

US$ 99.00  US$ 9.99