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Flawless Closure- RENTAL

Flawless Closure- RENTAL- You can watch this up to 48 hrs. YOu get to save money but it disappears after 48 hours.
US$ 29.99


The 360 Lace Frontal is awesome. It allows any person that is either thinning or just wants a natural look, to be able to pull the hair up in a ponytail and have a full hair line. You will see 2 methods of application. GLUELESS and ADHESIVE Applications are both  necessary to know how to perform. The glueless is more temporary while the ahdesive is long lasting and necessary for the Hair Loss community. See how to adjust the size of the unit when it doesn't perfectly fit the client. See a fast/secure method of sewing in your bundles in the center. Make money and satisfy more clients because you now have Official knowledge about this method.
US$ 29.99
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Marketing your extensions techniques

This is a webinar that you missed but can it can still be viewed. Marketing your extensions techniques ranks higher than actually performing the technique. If no one knows that you do it, you'r e still at a loss. If you want new and ideal clients, you must ask for what you want. We share proven ways to dramatically take your extension sales to the roof. Exposure is important. Do your existing clients know that you perform extension services? Learn how to get them excited and ready to go! Incentive programs, special systems……and more. Motivate your existing clients so they will be your new sales team. Everyone loves, wants, or needs hair. Target your audience in order to get new fans in your seat. Multiply yourself with trained assistants. The strategies are here in this class. Hear from the hair weave guru Tomeka James whom has been in the game for over 20 years. She performs over 15 extension techniques. She can help!
US$ 39.99
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Wig Collection

In this collection you will get 4 videos to successfully create wigs. Sewn wig (#2), Bonded Wig- Client not present (#1), Color Separation (#33), Custom Bonded Wig (Long Style Bob #26). Get a variety in this collection. Want to be more advanced see the other collection that are available.
US$ 60.00

Flawless Lace Closure Application

We show how to apply a closure to the front hair line without the use of adhesives. This glueless method is favorable for clients with a thinning hair line and for those who desire fahionable looks. Several tips are shared to assist with your progress. Learn how to Customize your closure and how to bleach the knots.
US$ 29.99
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Custom Wig Meets the Sewing Machine

See the magic of utilizing your sewing machine to create custom units. These wigs look store bought upon completion. Create them with ease after watching this video. See sewing machine basics. Make them exactly to fit the customer...No guessing.
US$ 29.99
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DSW- on Sewing Machine NEW!

See how to create a Detachable Sewn Weave Unit on a sewing machine. This saves you time and effort. No more sewing by hand. See the U-Part unit being created. You also see how to Close the top of your unit. No more hand sewn closures. Take hours off your hand sewn process.

US$ 29.99
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Teach Me How To Scope

Tomeka tells exactly how to get started on Periscope. It's one of the latest and fastest growing social media platforms. It's livestreaming. You can share who you are and what you do with the world. But you need to know the rules and how you get set up and rolling. Tomeka shares all of this info. with you. Watch and learn.
US$ 9.99